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So, What is CrossFit?

We believe specializing is the enemy, so we encompass all the areas of fitness to prepare you for anything and everything that life throws at you.

Inside our gym, you are not going to find weight machines, treadmills or stairmasters. Instead, we work with kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, climbing ropes, jump ropes, rings, plyo boxes and sand bags to hone in the ten different fitness domains- cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy.

All our workouts will focus on functional movement- movement found in nature and movement that our body was built to do. These movements are performed in day-to-life and we do them without even knowing it, whether we pick our keys up off the floor or squat on and off the toilet. These movements are necessary and even required to continue enjoying a healthy and pain-free life.

Members = Family

In CrossFit, the workouts we do inside the gym are individually programmed for each day, meaning we never do the same workout twice.

This is the "constantly varied" aspect of CrossFit. There is no set program of isolating different muscle groups three times a week and we never get into a workout routine. Specializing is the enemy, ensuring that you never get bored and you are continually progressing in CrossFit. Our workouts are rarely over 35 minutes, allowing them to fit into even the busiest of schedules. The days of hours of working on bicep curls and leg press in the gym are over. Our program is completely scalable to any fitness level and the result is a complete comprehensive understanding of physical fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Build Fitness

Within the walls of CrossFit SpearHead, you will experience intense workouts that will get you in the best shape of your life; We never specialize and always push each client to continue working on strengths while knocking out individual weaknesses.

Meet Friends

Working out with friends and family is what brings such a great community aspect to CrossFit SpearHead. We encourage an atmosphere that is welcoming to all, whether you are an elite athlete or just coming off the couch for the first time.

Jump on Boxes

Along with lifting barbells and doing pull-ups, we tap in to the inner-child in each of us and learn, among many other skills and drills, how to run, row, lift, pull, push, swing and jump with all of the different fun and exciting equipment we use inside the gym!

Puke Your Guts Out

Ok, not really... But be ready to work your hardest when joining us for your hour-long class each day! Each workout should be intense and full of hard work, as it has been proven both in and out of our walls that this is the only way results can be achieved!

Changing Lives Every Day

Spearhead Coaches

We study long and hard to make sure your experience is exceptional. We aren't just your coaches, we are your friends and mentors joining you in a persuit to achieve optimal fitness.

Dallin Frampton
Coach Dallin Frampton
As a 24 year old resident of Holladay, Utah, Dallin, and his beautiful wife, Carlyn, are the Owners of CrossFit SpearHead. Dallin is an avid runner, mountain biker, rock climber, triathlete, mountaineer, skier, surfer and adventurer. He has participated in 2 marathons and a handful of triathlons, 2 of which he got 1st and 2nd place in his age group. He has also run the Wasatch Back relay four different times, competed in 12 half marathons and ridden the White rim trail 4 different times, 3 of the attempts were under 16 hours. When he was training to tryout for the USA amateur triathlon team in 2009, Dallin was introduced to CrossFit and began coaching athletes just 18 months later. Not only does he enjoy the competent and measurable aspect of CrossFit, but Dallin also has an amazing passion for his athletes and the completion of their goals through fitness, nutrition and life.

After graduating in 2008, he raised over $10,000 to build a school in the village of Dzivani, just outside of Mombasa, Kenya. After he received funding from CrossFit Headquarters to build another school, Coach Greg Glassman brought him on board to work for CrossFit HQ staff and Dallin is now Project Lead on this effort to build schools, water cisterns, desks and the like in rural Kenya, and also oversees all of the philanthropic work CrossFit HQ takes part in. Besides letting his adrenaline lead him through life, he also loves music and has been playing guitar for over 9 years.

During the Fall months of 2011, Dallin was able to meet the woman of his dreams and in June 2013, he was married to his beautiful and amazing bride, Carlyn Frampton, and they now are able to run a gym full of passionate, spirited people that they love coaching every single day. Dallin is so grateful to have such a hard-working and spirited elite-athlete like Carlyn supporting him in everything he does, especially when it comes to running the gym!
CrossFit Level One / CrossFit Strongman / CrossFit Running and Endurance / CrossFit Kids / CrossFit Power Lifting / CrossFit Olympic Lifting / CrossFit Mobility / CrossFit Football / CrossFit Gymnastics / CrossFit Coach's Prep

Michael CLark
Coach Michael Clark
At the age of 23, Coach Michael Clark, a local resident born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, has centered his life around fitness, health and outdoor sports. He has a passion for skiing, mountain biking, climbing, surfing, running and the great outdoors. Between CrossFit Spearhead and managing "Dark Timbers," an outdoor clothing company focused on producing mountain biking and skiing apparel, he maintains a balance between fitness and sport. Michael has been CrossFitting for 2 years and received his Level 1 certification in October of 2012.
CrossFit Level One

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Membership Pricing

Our membership options depend on level of commitment and consistency of training. Those who are more committed receive discounted monthly rates.

$ 165
Month-to-Month Unlimited $165 / Month
6-Month Contract Unlimited $145 / Month
Military, Fire, Police, Teacher $125 / Month
Student (19+ years old) $115 / Month
10 Visit Punch Pass $150 / One time fee
3 Times a Week / 6 Months $130 / One time fee
$ 270
Month-to-Month Unlimited $270 / Month
6-Month Contract Unlimited $240 / Month
$ 120
Month-to-Month $120 (Ages 12-18)
10 Visit Punch Pass $100 (Ages 6-18)
Month-to-Month $80 (Ages 6-11)

We offer introductory classes to ensure your movements and technique are spot on before moving on to the advanded workouts. Injury free is the only way to be!

Individual On-Ramp $100
Couples On-Ramp $180
By Appointment Only Please contact us as we would love to build a program specific to your fitness goals.
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Policy & Procedures To cancel or put a membership on hold, we require advance written notification. Please give us at least 2 weeks notice for any kind of membership modifications.
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