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CrossFit SpearHead is a training facility located in Holladay, Utah committed to pushing the boundaries of human performance. Focusing on metabolic conditioning, weight training and gymnastics movements, CrossFit SpearHead encompasses all the areas of fitness to create a community of like-minded individuals who want to pursue elite fitness and push themselves towards that goal everyday. Our coaches at SpearHead have been competing, teaching and coaching CrossFit for years, and they continually further their knowledge of fitness through constantly attending new seminars across the country. At SpearHead, you will receive world-class training from coaches that love what they do and their passion for CrossFit shines through the results of our members. We feel that elite fitness is something everyone should have the opportunity to participate in, no matter physical ability. CrossFit is for anyone, and any workout we do in the gym can be infinitely scaled and modified to accommodate immobility, injuries and any other setback you may be experiencing. Do not be intimidated by the heavy weights we throw around and the fast workout times posted on the board, CrossFit can cater to the top athlete just as much as it can to the sedentary grandmother. If you are looking to compete at an elite level, or you just want to get back in shape, SpearHead is the fastest way to reach your fitness goals.




Dallin Frampton

As a 23 year old resident of Holladay, Utah, Dallin is the owner of CrossFit SpearHead and is an avid runner, mountain biker, rock climber, triathlete, mountaineer, skier, surfer and adventurer. He has participated in 2 marathons and a handful of triathlons, 2 of which he got 1st and 2nd place in his age group. He has also run the Wasatch Back relay four different times, competed in 12 half marathons and ridden the White rim trail 4 different times, 3 of the attempts were under 16 hours.  Dallin has been coaching CrossFit athletes for close to 4 years now and has an amazing passion for his athletes and the completion of their goals through fitness, nutrition and life.

After graduating in 2008, he raised over $10,000 to build a school in the village of Dzivani, just outside of Mombasa, Kenya.  After he received funding from Crossfit Headquarters to build another school, Coach Glassman brought him on board to work for CrossFit HQ staff and Dallin is now Project Lead on this effort to build schools, water cisterns, desks and the like in rural Kenya, and also oversees all of the philanthropic work CrossFit HQ takes part in.  Besides letting his adrenaline lead him through life, he also loves music and has been playing guitar for over 9 years.


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Michael Clark

At the age of 23, Coach Michael Clark, a local resident born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, has centered his life around fitness, health and outdoor sports. He has a passion for skiing, mountain biking, climbing, surfing, running and the great outdoors. Between CrossFit Spearhead and managing “Dark Timbers,” an outdoor clothing company focused on producing mountain biking and skiing apparel, he maintains a balance between fitness and sport. Michael has been CrossFitting for 2 years and received his Level 1 certification in October of 2012.


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Gavin Woods

At the age of 16, Gavin began to develop an interest for weightlifting.  He managed to stay fairly consistent through his 20′s which lead him to pursue his BS Degree from the University of Utah in Exercise Physiology.  He first realized his interest in helping others reach their physical goals and needs while working in Physical Therapy and wasn’t surprised he was again drawn to the same thing with CrossFit.

Eventually his workouts became stale with the monotony and sometimes boredom of attending a “globogym”.  One day, he saw a road biker and thought how nice it must be to exercise outside instead of in a gym with no windows and buzzing neon lights.  He now enjoys both causal Saturday rides with his wife Jayma as well as intense canyon climbs on summer evenings.  Looking back, his desire to get into biking was driven by a need to change his form of workouts.  The benefits were not just a change of scenery, but also a change in strength and desire, and a noticeable physical difference as he switched what he had been doing for so many years.

One day, he noticed CrossFit SpearHead had opened nearby and was interested in the trainers and the workouts.  When he walked in for his first day of class, he was immediately welcomed by the SpearHead family.  Six months later, he had developed such a strong passion for the continually changing and challenging CrossFit programs that he wanted to certify to continue to spread that passion and love for fitness to the members. He loves seeing others progress through their determined efforts and it continually motivates Gavin both in and out of the gym.  CrossFit SpearHead has become a family affair and Gavin enjoys seeing his two sons, Tyler and Will, come out of a CrossFit Kids WOD atop the CrossFit high.   Gavin never encouraged or cheered someone on during his “globogym” workouts and now at CrossFit SpearHead, not a WOD goes by where the sense of strong, supportive community isn’t thick in the air.


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