Our Endurance Classes at CrossFit SpearHead are designed to take every endurance athlete to the next level in his or her training. This program is dedicated to improving performance, efficiency and overall endurance in the realm of competitive sports and fitness. The major focus of this class will be to further the anaerobic threshold of metabolic conditioning and performance for every athlete, no matter their fitness level or experience. We will both train and coach the POSE running method, developed by Dr. Romanov, while also incorporating strength training and conditioning to get an end result of a better, faster, stronger and more efficient athlete.

It has been long believed that long, slow distance programming was the only way to train for marathons, triathlons, marathons and century races. While some have reached incredible results from this type of schedule, this mindset causes athletes to be less powerful, less lean and more prone to injury. In our Endurance program, we eliminate unnecessary volume of training while increasing the intensity, creating a formula for exponential success.

In the CrossFit Endurance world, we have tested and proved that power and speed are the 2 most critical components of success and our coaching and programming will constantly increase both of these while decreasing injury and recovery time. We seamlessly integrate Olympic lifts, powerlifting, hip-explosive movements and mobility work into our WODs to create a schedule based on CrossFit’s model. Routine is the enemy. Specialists rarely succeed.

But learning how to run properly and pain free while at the same time shaving off seconds from your splits is just the beginning. Our knowledgeable coaches will also be able to constantly give advice on nutrition, stretching, working through injuries and workout ideas outside the gym. Whether you are training to get a personal record (PR) at your next ironman or you just want to be a better runner, our classes will open your mind to a whole new world of endurance training that has been rarely explored. To sign up, click here.