On-Ramp Program

At CrossFit SpearHead, we ensure your CrossFit experience is fun, energetic and non-intimidating from the very first class.

Our On-Ramp program consists of 5 different class sessions taught by a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer and are meant to provide all the knowledge needed to transition seamlessly into our group “wod” (workout of the day) classes. You will learn all the Olympic lifting movements performed with barbells as well as different gymnastics and metabolic conditioning movements such as ring dips, handstands, pull-ups and kettlebell swings. These classes emphasize the teaching and coaching of proper movement for everything we do in CrossFit and is the best way to prepare to participate into the faster-paced CrossFit classes. CrossFit is infinitely scalable, so whatever challenge, injury or pain you are facing, we will be able to knowledgably scale and substitute a movement that may be a challenge. These classes are required before you are able to start a CrossFit class at CrossFit SpearHead. To sign up for your On-Ramp class now, click here.

Group CrossFit Class

Our CrossFit wod classes are the next step after the completion of your On-Ramp sessions. In these classes you are expected to have a basic knowledge of the nine fundamental movements as well as all the different body weight and weighted movements you learned during your On-Ramps. These classes are programmed for a group of people performing anywhere from right off the couch up to competing at an elite level. These classes will be just under an hour long and as a class we will focus on skill work, strength training, metabolic conditioning, class challenges and gymnastic progressions. People at every level of fitness will reap the benefits of muscle recruitment and increased stimuli through functional movement.